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Academy Gives Practical Training

Doon Digital Gurukul is an Academy of Learning Graphic Designing, Web Designing, 3D & 2D Animation in Dehradun.

Recognizes the value in creative thinking

We put this into action with an approach that emphasizes problem-solving, learning by doing, and empowering our students to generate their own concepts and ideas.

Believe in 100% job assurance

we believe that any education is incomplete if it is not able to fetch a professional career which can change the life of a candidate. In other words we believe in 100% job assurance.

Talented, trained and experienced Faculty

Doon Digital Gurukul consisting of extremely talented, trained and experienced teachers, admin staff and encouraging management that can help you best at Animation Training in Dehradun.




Qualified staff





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Trace a Career Path to Success

The Institute is focusing on orienting students to develop creativity in Animation & provide
personalized career counselling that helps ensure that they stay on track for a
successful career, enhancing their employability and job-readiness.

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